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Lär dig hur du bygger engagemangsapplikationer och får kontakt med engagerande människor med liknande intressen. Lär dig hur du bygger serverlösa pipelines för datainsamling. Lär dig hur du bygger applikationer med kolneutrala applikationer

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TechLab is the platform that we invite you to join and learn about the latest in climate technology.


Our DataLab is for you that want to learn about how to extract, transform and make sense of data.


In our ScienceLab we are exploring how we can montior our living space having clean water and air.


We are intrested in how media can control our ways of life, we launched an online magazine Social CLimate Tech News that is focus on delivering news from media sources from around the world in 6 languages.


WE offer many voluteering opertunities in our Tach, Science and Media Labs


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We use the latest technologies to educate, code and being active about your future.

Choose to join one of our Labs, to learn new experience that can take you furture in life for a sustainable planet.

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All types of businesses need access to information resources, so we have built a tool to give you the option to decide how much you need to know.